Starting Over

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Hello Friends, I've decided to rebrand and create a new website full of blogs, tutorials, You Tube shenanigans and so much more.

Through this website I'll be adding my Film Content, as well as tutorials and How to VFX related videos. I'll be starting to post How to Edit cosplay photos and all kinds of photography tips and tricks/hacks.

I'll be sharing travel V-logs, and videos from Comic cons i attend in the future as well as videos from my travels.

Here you will also be able to find all my lovely cosplay content, and makeup tutorials and tricks i use when creating a look.

Here you'll get announcements first hand, as well as a first look at things i am launching.

Basically this website will be the central HUB for all things JENN!! So if you're reading this welcome and buckle up because its going to be a fun ride.

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