Moxie Lash Rewiew

So i tested out a pair of Moxy Lash Magnetic Lashes. The lashes have tiny magnets attached to the lashes and you use magnetic eyeliner to adhear them to your eyelashes. Its quick easy and very easy to apply over traditional glue on lashes.

the eyeliner takes a few minuets to dry before you can attach the lashes and you have to make sure you put a thick coating so they stick correctly.

The lashes feel and look really good. The only issue i've personally had is taking off the eyeliner is difficult. you have to use makeup remover or an oil based remover and the eyeliner breaks into tiny pieces that can be sharp so you have to be careful around your eyes with removing the eyeliner. Other then that small issue i really love the lashes and reccomend magnetic lashes as an alternative.

The packaging is well put together easy for storing your lashes. the eyeliner was smaller then i had anticipated and i don't know how long it will actually last.

I am hoping to try out a pair of Glamnetic eyelashes to compare brands.

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