Kat Mccabe Photography

J: So, let’s start off with an easy one, what got you into photography or cosplay photography, and what peaked your interest in the hobby?

K: What got me into photography is my great grandmother, she loved doing it as a hobby and it sparked my interest in it. What got me into cosplay and Cosplay photography was friends. My friends and I always loved dressing up as our favorite characters , they would always ask me to take their photos and well that threw me into the world of cosplay photography.

J: How long have you been shooting cosplay photos for?

K: three years now

J: What gear do you use?

K: Cannon 77D and a series of different lens

J: What gear would you say, you wish you had?

K: That is way too long to list. But I would love to have my own studio with Alien lights.

J: Why do you continue to be a photographer? What drives you?

K: What drives me is my passion for the art. I love seeing cosplayers put their own passion into their cosplays and I love being able to bring that art and passion alive with my work.

Model : Magicalani

J: What are your thoughts about copyright and ownership? I know there is a lot of controversy over who owns what as well as cosplayers selling prints of your work or paid photo shoots versus non-paid.

K: Copyright and ownership is a tough thing, I am one that believes that the ownership belongs to the photographer unless otherwise agreed with the client. If it is a free shoot, I think the ownership of the images are the photographers fully unless the work is paid for. With paid shoots its tough cause the work is both the clients and photographers.

J: What would you recommend to someone just starting out in photography?

K: Have fun with it, don't let anyone bring you or your art down. Always push yourself to try different things.

J: Do you prefer location shoots over studio? Is it more challenging being on location rather than a controlled studio environment?

K: I am more of a studio photographer but after college I had to learn to shoot more on location. I really do think it is more challenging to shoot on location being it is very tough to control the lighting around you, plus weather is always a big factor that can and will ruin a shoot.

Models: Chelsea88, Andrew McCarthy

J: What in your opinion is the hardest thing about photography?

K: Learning not to compare yourself with others and that not every shoot with go your way.

J: What has been your favorite convention to shoot at and why?

K: I don't have a favorite con to shoot at. I am getting back into Con photography

J: So, as we come to a close I just have one final question: What is next for you?

K: What is next for me? Is working more on my stuff, planning more shoots and reaching for the stars with my cosplay photography!






Models Amanda Maria Official , Chelsea88 , Bear Nerdcessities, krissalynn sirface, Hey3lizabeth , Bpstoyle, Emma Morlino, Dave Barkewitz