Interview with Man Legend Hero

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Nick Spartan aka Man Legend Hero. Canadian Cosplayer and Creator of Sam Samsquantch comics. Owner and operator of Panic Factory Escape Rooms in Courtice Ont. Part owner of Abducted Creations and in my spare time I do stunts and acting with some credits under my belt.

Photo Taken by North Brothers

J: Let’s start off with some easy questions, What got you into cosplay? how long have you been doing it? and How many different cosplays do you have?

MLH: My partner in crime Rosie Quinn Cosplay got me into Cosplay. She came to help out at a booth that some friends and I have in the artist alley of fan expo. She was dressed as Breath of the wild Zelda. I had been attending cons for almost ten years and never dressed up. Now it’s been almost three and I have more cosplays then I can count.

J: Why did you start to cosplay, What does Cosplay mean to you and What has kept you doing it for so long? Is cosplay a hobby you could see yourself continuing to do in 10 years from now?

MLH: I have always loved Halloween and always went crazy on my costumes but for whatever reason would not dress up for cons. Then one day Rosie Quinn Cosplay persuaded me to be young Mr. Incredible. I absolute love Cosplay! For me it’s about fun and having a good time. I like to meet new people and this community is incredible. I have never really been prone to being embarrassed or shy in crowds. But what I love about Cosplay is that it brings out confidence in those who normally do. I could easily see myself doing Cosplay till I have to incorporate a walker and quite honestly would probably be buried in one.

J: What is your favorite cosplay to date or cosplay genre and why?

MLH: My favorite cosplay to date is anything I do Deadpool. Ryan Reynolds is my spirit animal. Our sense of humor is on par. That Cosplay is always good for a laugh.

If I had to pick a genre it would probably be superheroes and sci fi. Doesn’t matter how old you get you’ll always love super heroes and Star Wars. No offence Trekkies.

J: What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a cosplayer or even as a male cosplayer in a mainly female predominant industry?

MLH: I only see a challenge if you’re ambition to make money or gain fame in this community. I understand that it may be harder for Male cosplayers to get the same rising success as some female cosplayers, but that can be said for numerous walks of life and it’s no secret that the tables are turned in most situations. Women often have to work harder to gain success. For those female cosplayers who are very successful it’s unfair to make assumptions on to why they are so famous. Bottom line they work hard.

Photo Taken by North Brothers

J: Do you have any advice or words of encouragement, you would give to someone who is just starting out or thinking about cosplaying?

MLH: Do this for fun first. Cosplay who you want to be. Don’t let character, sex, race or physical build stop you from being who you want to be. Cosplay is for everyone. Don’t ever give up because you can’t build or produce a screen accurate costume. Some of my favorite cosplays have been made of tin foil and cardboard.

J: What accomplishment or project(costume) are you most proud of and why?

MLH: Well to be honest if I haven’t bought the actual suit, I mostly rummage for my Cosplays. Value Village and other means. Put them together piece by piece.

I do however help Rosie Quinn Cosplay with some of her Cosplays. Often building her props and foam pieces from scratch. If I had to pick something it would probably be her Gwen Pool Penguin Cannon.

J: Who are you favorite cosplayers or people in general, Or that have been an inspiration to you and why?

MLH: There are many people I respect in this community. Lee Howard Art and his girlfriend Violet Love Cosplay are easily on that list. They have a huge following complete with next level cosplays but come with a humble and friendly attitude. They are always pushing for equality in the community. Truly phenomenal ambassadors to Cosplay.

J: Do you have any Cosplay pet peeves, If so what are they and why do they get under your skin?

MLH: Pet peeves, The term pet peeve is actually my pet peeve lol. But seriously yes. Arrogance and poor attitude towards others. You want to be on the wrong side of my nice guy demeanor. Then start poking fun and belittling someone’s efforts. This is a phenomenal community but like most it has its lowest forms.

J: How do you decide or choose a character, what is your process on starting a cosplay to finishing?

MLH: Mostly the character has to appeal to me. I like his/her style. I share a quality with them. When I do pick one, I like to get to the closest detail I can, whether it be a prop or particular article of clothing. I don’t think anyone ever feels they are ever truly finished with the Cosplay. Most of us are always staying up late the night before the con completing it.

Photo Taken by North Brothers

J: What are your thoughts on paid and unpaid photo shoots? Do you prefer on location shoots or in a controlled studio?

MLH: Funny thing, normally you would expect a higher quality of photo with paid shoots and in some cases this is true. However some of my favorite photos came from unpaid shoots.

Photographers are just as important as the cosplayers. How else would we fill our Instagram feed. I much prefer location shoots, mostly because they add character to yours.

J: There’s so much drama/bullying that surrounds the community. What are your thoughts, and what is some advice you could give to someone who may be going through this or experiencing this from another person?

MLH: I’m here for a good time not a long time. I’m especially in cosplay to add to that good time. I don’t understand why there needs to be drama or bullying. I had this naive notion that cosplay was free of those things. I haven’t experienced it myself and I wouldn’t stand for it either way. But for anyone who is experiencing it. Call them out on it. The community's population on your side is much greater than the ones on there’s. If you are experiencing racism, hate or just general douche-baggery from others. Let it be known. Don’t ever let them discourage you from this. And if you are scared and don’t know what to do. Message me. I may not be from your area. But the world is a small place with the internet. I’ll talk to you and happily call them out on it.

Photo Taken by North Brothers

J: Ok, let’s shift things over to something different. Tell us a bit about your Comic series, what inspired you to start it, and what drives its content.

MLH: My Sam Samsquantch comics came from a moment of sleep deprivation and general lunacy of my mind. I bought Sam at a Walmart toy section because his face made me laugh. So naturally I needed this in my life. I stuck him on a shelf at work and left him there. I’m self employed and often work days without sleep. This one particular night I was trying to work out something complicated and starting talking to Sam as if he had an opinion. Crazy I know (please don’t call anyone) But his attitude in my mind was snarky. And I found myself laughing and thought wouldn’t this make a funny comic. I made it posted it and the feedback was great. I get my ideas from situations that come to mind at random or are things I’m dealing with in real life. I’ll keep making them as long as people keep finding them funny.

J: Does your artwork drive your cosplay or vice versa, or does that come from something entirely different?.

MLH: I’m not a real artist. I’m more entertainer. I Cosplay things I enjoy. More than anything, making people laugh is my favorite. That’s my drive. Also the best form of payment. Unless you need to buy things with real money.

J: So what is next? Tell me all your secrets.

MLH: Time is my only barrier to what I want to do. I have more cosplays on my list to do then I have time for. I have been working on some secret projects. One of which is a series of short videos. It’s an exciting project and I can’t wait to show it. I have also recently done a collaboration cosplay pic with someone across the country with two different photographers working together to make it appear as if we were together.

Last Sam and I had been on hiatus for a bit. But we are about to release several new comics.

Photos taken by Self and last photo on the right is Joes Garage Photography