Interview with Cp Cosplay and Jp Cosplay

J: What got you into cosplay, and how long have you been doing it?

JPC/CPC: We always loved Halloween and makeup. We started hosting some family murder mystery parties and we loved it because it was an extra day in the year I could dress up.

JPC: In 2012 Comic Con started in Ottawa and I was thrilled to go and see what it was all about, cp_cosplay was just as interested, at that point we decided that we would “ dress-up”, we’ve never looked back, cosplay was just us at that point.

CPC: 2012 Ottawa Comic Con, I was look for any excuse to dress up, so I was all over it. I also love to paint, sculpt and do arts/crafts, and play video games in my spare time so cosplay was a great fit.

J: Why do you cosplay, and what has kept you doing it for so long?

CPC: I love doing arts and crafts and creating cosplays, it’s a great hobby. It’s also nice to see people’s reactions to your cosplays.

JPC: My sister and I started together, and we keep doing it together. We have even included family are group project and they enjoy cosplaying with us! I find it’s a great output for my stress, though at times the challenges seem impossible it’s very rewarding once its complete.

J: How many Costumes do you have, and what is your fav cosplay and why?

CPC: 14 cosplays not counting “Halloween” costumes. My favorite cosplay is Sylvanas Windrunner from World of Warcraft. It was my first “armored” cosplay. It was challenging to make and figure out how it keep all the armor in place. There was a lot of different crafting skills I needed to use to create this cosplay from sewing to sculpting, using Worbla, molding with silicone and apoxie, sanding, painting, using LED lights and of course getting to wear a lot of blue body paint.

JPC: 20 maybe, does L.A.R.P count? One Favorite, I would have to say my Diablo 3 Demon Hunter, it was my first big armor build, the challenge was intense.

J: What is your dream cosplay or a cosplay on your bucket list?

CPC: My dream cosplay would be Tyrande Whisperwind from World of Warcraft. I love elves and I have a love hate relationship with body paint.

JPC: It’s a long list, Ciri (Witcher 3), Morrigan Aensland (Dark stalkers), Lycan (Underworld), Evie Frye (Assassins Creed Syndicate). 17 Century Belle (Beauty and the Beast inspired), 7or 9, the list goes on.

J: What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a female Cosplayer?

CPC: So far my biggest challenge is not realizing how long it takes me to do a cosplay. Especially if it was my first time making armor for instance.

JPC: Body image, characters that come from comics or video games, do not have accurate bodies. I have a curvy body most characters do not.

J: What are some words of encouragement you would give to someone who is just starting out or thinking about cosplaying?

CPC: Give yourself a lot of time and pick an event you want to go to and try to do your time management working backwards from there. Even if you are stressed out or something isn’t working try to have fun. Don’t worry what other people are doing or thinking, have fun with it and do it for yourself. And remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. Enjoy the challenge. The raw material of success is failure.

JPC: Enjoy the process more then the attention of Con goers. Time is key, not money. Fail, and fail again. Have fun and go easy on yourself.

J: Do you have any accomplishments or cosplay projects you’re particularly proud of?

CPC: I am proud of the cosplay masquerade awards my sister and I have received. Cosplay has given me confidence to wear clothing and costumes that are somewhat revealing in a public place, like showing off my stomach for a mermaid Ariel cosplay.

JPC: 750 hrs of love, sweat and tears went into my Cersei Lancaster cosplay it was epic.

J: What is your favorite con and what con is your dream con that you hope to one day attend if you haven’t already?

CPC: My favorite Con would have to be the Ottawa Comic con or Fan Expo in Toronto. I would love to go to Blizzcon or San Diego Comic Con one day.

JPC: Ottawa seems to be our favorite for cosplaying, they seem more excited to see their favorite characters come to life. I’d love to cosplay at Blizzcon, D23 and Star Wars Celebration.

J: We all have inspirations or people we look up to, who (cosplayers artists etc) if any are your inspirations and why?

CPC: I really like Kamui cosplay because I learnt so much about creating cosplays from her. I love watching her Instagram and You Tube. I also like Yaya Han, because of the cosplay fabrics and patterns she sells.

JPC: Kamui cosplay, Buy her Books! I watch her YouTube/Instagram guide for information on different products and techniques. Also Lightning_cosplay, Laura does amazing work, I’m also interested in seeing what shes building next!.

J: Are there any celebrities you are dying to meet and why?

CPC: I would love to meet Emilia Clarke because I love Game of Thrones and I follow her on Instagram and she just seems really nice. Although I would love to meet all of the Game of Thrones cast as well. I did have the opportunity to meet Anthony Daniels at a Fan Expo, and he was one of my favourite meet and greet and QA.

JPC: Johnny Depp, he is such an interesting actor!, Also Lena Headey, I love her acting, She play strong female roles with such easy. She an fantastic actress not just in GoT but 300 and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies too.

J: What is your favorite material or medium and why?

CPC: I really like worbla because you can do so much with it. I like how I can also use/sculpt with worbla leftover bits (scraps) so I don’t feel as wasteful.

JPC: Worbla is a fast answer but I’ve been really getting into EVA foam, it’s super light weight and easy to handle.

J: What is your favorite genre of cosplay and why?

CPC: That’s a hard one, but I do love armor and look of a lot of video game cosplays.

JPC: I don’t think I have one, we done, games, movies and comic book cosplays. Diablo 3 demon hunter was my first big build, but the embroidery on my game of throne dress, is something to be prod of.

J: What is your favorite comic book or series and why?

CPC: Star Wars, nostalgia of watching it with my family growing up.

JPC: Star Wars, Star Trek, X-man, Spider-Man, I had a lot of nerdy friends which was great, but the love of both Star Wars and Star Trek can be blamed on our dad! He got us hooked.

J: What are your thoughts on paid and non-paid photo shoots. Do you prefer on location shoots or in studio?

CPC: I have leveraged the paid photo shoot to expand as a cosplayer and I have done unpaid photo shoots for the benefits of cosplay in general, I also enjoy taking photos with people at Cons. I haven’t done a lot of location shoots, but I wish I had, especially with the Sylvanas cosplay.

JPC: Personally, I like doing both, with paid, there is a level of professionalism and product level that is expected and non-paid can be fun, more relaxing and produce terrific shots. Location shooting is on the list, but we haven’t been able to get one done yet.

J: What are your thoughts about the drama that surrounds the community? Do you think it’s always been that way or is there more drama now with geek culture becoming so mainstream?

CPC: I personally haven’t observed a significant about of drama. The Canadian cosplay community is very respectful.

JPC: I haven’t experienced a lot drama. However, I was happy to see that “cosplay is not content” become recognized but also sad as it shouldn’t have to be said. The problem with cosplay becoming mainstream is that is leaves us valuable to criticisms from everything we do being an artist to our body image.

J: So what is next for you? any projects, hopes or goals for the future?

CPC: One day I would love to make a Darth Talon and join the 501st legion.

JPC: Oh there is a list!, Next, Brigette from Overwatch, Disney Battle Princess, but my goal is to build a full functioning R2 unit and Padme’s flame dress EP1 and join the 501st legion/ Rebel legion.



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