Interview with Corky Cosplay

Photo taken by haydengrierson

J: What got you into cosplay?

A: As a kid growing up I didn’t have a ton of friends, I loved to play pretend with my action figures but also dress up. We had an entire wooden box full of costumes; I swear it felt like Mr. Dress up’s Tickle Trunk. Being a theater kid I was a character actor, I wasn’t the lead but I was always the comic relief and played into that. I would wear bald caps and fat suits, which sucked but I did it to make people laugh. It wasn’t until this year when my girlfriend (Moonspellxcosplay) and Toronto Peter Quill organized a wrestling shoot, and I said to myself “ why the hell not?” and as soon as that day finished I said to Miranda “I’ve got the cosplay bug”.

J: how long have you been doing it? and Why do you cosplay?

A: Technically 3 month’S full time. I cosplay because it’s an incredible way of connecting to people, and one of my favorite things in this entire world is connecting with someone. I can make people laugh by my captions on my photos or my live streams. I have met so many incredible people through this community and made me realize that I am worth people’s time. At the start of the year I was battling my worst depression since high school… nothing creatively (Making videos for my YouTube channel) was exciting me anymore I was stuck in a rut so to speak. But as soon as I went to the wrestling shoot and met some of my best friends right now it all changed it was kind of like “Where has this been all my life” it was an instant boost to my creativity and I started making things again.

J: What has kept you doing it for so long?

A: My passion for creating, and my freaking talented friends who continue to inspire me everyday.

J: What is your dream cosplay or bucket list cosplays?

A: This is a tough one but my dream cosplay’s are All Might from MHA, Disney’s Hercules, and Bow from She-ra

Photo taken by haydengrierson

J: What is your favorite cosplay and why?

A: It has to be Peter B Parker… what other cosplay can you carry around food and eat while walking the con floor? I feel comfortable and more confident when I’m Peter, I can have my gut out I can walk around, I can share my food with people, I don’t smile when people take pictures with me as Peter B because that’s his character he’s a guy going through a rough time and I relate with that a lot. So really I can be vulnerable in this character, when in the movie he has many walls placed around him. I can honestly say that he has given me so much confidence in myself let alone in cosplay that I couldn’t pick anyone else.

J: What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a cosplayer or even as a male cosplayer in a mainly female predominant industry?

A: When I first started I did notice it was a female predominant industry while some might be scared of it and discouraged to start anything in this industry, I was inspired by the women in the cosplay community because it takes strength to post something you love for others to judge. The women on here are strong and bad ass for doing what they do! But for me Not a lot of challenges personally more financially because cosplay can cost a fortune if you’re not careful.

J: What are some words of encouragement you would give to someone who is just starting out or thinking about cosplaying?

A: Just do it. It doesn’t hurt to try, you just have to go for it. Find something you love and cosplay, don’t do something that popular just do it for YOU. And remember its called cos-PLAY don’t take it too seriously that it effects your mental health. That comes first.

Photo taken by haydengrierson

J: What accomplishment or project are you most proud of and why?

A: Accomplishment: Has to be being invited to the Newmarket Card and Comics show for Cosplay For A Cause raising money for Easter Seals. Charity has a big place in my heart and to be asked to be a featured cosplayer meant so much to me. Project: My first cosplay was a wrestler by the name of Robert Roode and he comes to the ring wearing a sparkly robe and with his trademark words “Glorious” on the back. So I painted a robe with the word Glorious on it and made some lovely swirls on the arms and around the bottom. It was the first “crafty” thing I’ve actually been proud of.

J: What is your favorite con and what con is your dream con that you hope to one day attend if you haven’t already?

A: My favorite Con is either Fan Expo or Kimikon! I love how everyone at Fan Expo is there to celebrate nerd culture and it just warms my heart plus it was my first con I ever went to! Kimikon because it’s a super small little anime con that celebrates everything anime and it’s so chill. One I really want to go to is obviously San Diego Comic Con or I don’t think this is a con but kind of is? SXSW is on the bucket list too!

J: Who are your favorite cosplayers?

A: Too many to pick my favorite! Most of them are my friends! Every time I see them post something I’m just filled with joy

Photo taken by haydengrierson

J: Is there anyone (cosplayer or otherwise) who has been an inspiration to you and why?

A: My number one inspiration is of course my girlfriend Moonspellx cosplay she just puts so much work into her cosplays and I’m lucky enough to see the process from start to finish it’s absolutely amazing but other than her like I said all of my friends I’ve made through this crazy industry!

J: Is there any celebrity you are dying to meet and why?

A: Honestly… Josh Gad… He is one of the funniest people I have ever watched; he is a constant inspiration to me comedically.

J: What is your favorite material or medium and why?

A: I’m still new the to cosplay world so right now I’m only doing painting on clothing and I’d say I’m pretty good at that but something that I want to work on more is makeup. I have such an appreciation for those who are good at it and I want to be good too! So hopefully I can this next year!

J: What is your favorite genre of cosplay and why?

A: Ouuu dang… I love super heroes and how many different things you can do with that genre (casual, festive etc.) but it has to go to anime do to the extensive catalog of content you can cosplay as. Also Mech builds blow my freaking mind when I see them.

Photo taken by haydengrierson

J: What is your favorite comic book and why?

A: I’m a huge comic book fan, I don’t have a favorite unfortunately it’s like choosing which child you like more than the other… right now though my favorite comic I’m currently reading is JJ Abram’s Spider-man has me absolutely hooked!

J: How many different cosplays do you have?

A: Currently I have… 6, but in 2020 that will probably be going up to 10-12ish

J: What are your thoughts on paid and non-paid photo shoots?

A: Thankfully one of my best friends is a photographer and I get them for free (I try to pay him but he insists on no) but I believe every artist deserves to get paid for their art so please people pay your photographers or at least ask to pay them.

J: Do you prefer on location shoots or in studio?

A: On location so I can become the character and interact with the environments around me, because my characters are usually more out there and expression is key.

J: What are your thoughts about the drama that surrounds the community, do you think it’s always been that way or is there more drama now with geek culture becoming so mainstream?

A: Oh boy… so people have been in “drama” since the dawn of time so I severely doubt it’s just happening since geek culture is mainstream. It’s sad to see and hear drama happen especially since we’re adults and like I said it’s called cos-PLAY for a reason. I’m a guy who just wants everyone to get a long and be friends and friendly to each other this community is supposed to be about love and when I see this drama online in a public forum it breaks my heart. Personally though I love this community for the incredible support and love it shows on a daily basis.

J: So what is next for you? any projects, hopes or goals for the future?

A: Cosplay wise: Fan Day’s I’ll be festive Ned Flanders, Working on a couple of group cosplays and just trying my best to make people laugh. Career wise: I’ll be posting way more on my YouTube Channel and I’m trying to re-start my podcast up again! So many exciting things coming!

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Photo taken by haydengrierson