Cosplay Club Ontario is a group of creative, like-minded individuals who gather together and create really cool projects. The group currently has over 100 members from all over Ontario and is always growing. The great thing about Cosplay Club is that there are no rules to what you can create. The only stipulation is a zero tolerance for drama and bullying.

The group was created as a safe space for people to share ideas and grow creatively as a community.

So what exactly is Cosplay Club? Cosplay Club members first select a theme to work on, such as post-apocalyptic, vikings, coven, or fantasy. Then the group votes on a date for a photo shoot, leaving preparation time in between. A location is also chosen for the shoot, sometimes even before the date has been settled. Once the theme, time, and place have been set, then the creativity begins. Each member planning to participate in the shoot creates their own original character based on the theme chosen. They then get to work on collecting and creating pieces for their character to wear.

Each shoot generally involves between 2 to 5 photographers, which results in various styles of photography and a variety of images and perspectives.

Each member participates in both individual shots and group shots. Sometimes there are particular reference characters or images that they try to recreate. There have been 13 successful shoots so far, with a bunch more in the works.

This group was created to build a safe space for generating original ideas without the pressures and judgement of a convention scene. It gives everyone the chance to create things in a stress-free environment, share their work, and learn from each other.

Cosplay Club is a great way for you to make new friends, collaborate with other creative people, and shoot with a variety of photographers. We are always happy to accept new members. If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out the group on Facebook.

Photographers: (members who have participated)

S Varlow Photography

Rajeeman Photography

OOC Photography

Mo Ghorbankarimi

Ed Ng

JD Smith

Fabulous Mike Photography

Orion Photography

Gbo Photography

Elemental Photography

Kilted Dragon Photography

Bobby Bonner Photography

7s Photography

Cosplayers: Jennifer Maillet, The Invasion, Plafulkatt, Hexcelle, Modern Myths Cosplay, Skyleaf Creations, MM Cosplay Modeling, Trinidadiansuga, Toronto Dadpool, Spider Seebs, Adam Anderson, BeardUpBeerDown, GuelphSpiderman, Alicia of Wonderland.

Cosplay Club Facebook

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