Interview with Amanda D Sassy

Updated: Jan 10

Amanda Dimitrovski also known as “Amanda D Sassy” is a Canadian cosplayer from Toronto Ontario. She’s lived in Toronto her whole life. She is a geek for life. Her day job doesn’t speak to her passions but she shares a love for cosplay and geekdom in her spare time. Amanda has been cosplaying since October 2016. Still going strong... Passionate about cosplay and photography. Amateur Photographer. First started out doing Photography for Comic Zone Mike then got into cosplay herself. Photographs for cosplays and nature. You can find it her at social medias: Amanda D Sassy, Amanda D Sassy Cosplay, Amanda D Sassy Photography

Photo taken by Helafine Photography

J: Let’s start off with something easy, What got you into cosplay? And how long have you been doing it?

A: What got me into cosplaying was my dad. He first started cosplaying after he met a very popular Spider-Man cosplayer and then he said that he wasn’t too old to cosplay. My dad’s first cosplay was Cap. He got me into cosplay, then my mom got into it, and then my brother so it was all a domino effect. But it was my dad who inspired me to get into it. I first officially cosplayed in October of 2016. And still cosplaying to this day...

J: How many different cosplays do you have?

A: I have The Dark Knight Rises Catwoman, Suicide Squad Harley Quinn, Nightclub Harley Quinn, the original Harley Quinn (my own version of her) but I will upgrade that at some point. I have Sam Winchester, Becky Lynch, Bray Wyatt, Betty Cooper (Riverdale version with the Jughead sweater) and I have a Cheerleader version. I’ve got a Casual Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) cosplay, I have a Mary Jane Watson cosplay. I’ve got a Dean Winchester, I also have a Pennywise Harley Quinn cosplay (with makeup done differently) So I’d say, over 10 cosplays so far. I’ve got more cos-plans in 2020 that I’m planning soon. I had a Captain Marvel cosplay that I was trying to work on but never really debuted that yet.

J: Why did you start to cosplay, What does Cosplay mean to you and What has kept you doing it for so long? Is cosplay a hobby you could see yourself continuing to do  in 10 years from now?

A: I’d say I started cosplaying cause I’ve always been a fan of it. I’ve been going to the cons since I was small. The only con we went to in those days was Fan Expo Toronto. We’ve been going as fans, me, my dad and my brother. I love so many fandom's and geeky things, and I never thought it was possible for me to cosplay. When my dad got into it, it seemed possible and I really wanted to do it. And now that I do, it makes you feel so good. When you can be a character or person that means SO much to you. It gives you the confidence you don’t really have in everyday life. When you are that certain character, it brings you into THEIR world. It makes you think a little differently, it makes you act a little differently. It makes you channel that character but not only that, it channels some sort of confidence you never knew you could have. When you first step outside in cosplay you feel sort of embarrassed. Walking the streets of Toronto in costume. And then after awhile, it never bothers me anymore. What keeps me doing it, is more characters you want to become. And the friends I’ve made through cosplay. There’s so many ideas for group cosplays you could do. Different shoots you can come with. And because it’s FUN. I wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t fun to me. I mean, sure, I could. I could see myself cosplaying 10 years from now.

Accompanying model Captain of the 6ix

J: Do you have a dream cosplay or bucket list of cosplays?

A: My ultimate dream cosplay would be to cosplay as the comic book version of Catwoman, with the black catsuit, the short black hair, and green (or yellow) googles. It depends which version. I still haven’t done that version yet. My version was the Dark Knight Rises Catwoman who was played by Anne Hathaway. Another dream cosplay would be the Michelle Pfeiffer Catwoman too from Batman Returns. I haven’t done that either, yet.

J: What is your fav cosplay to date or cosplay genre and why?

A: My favorite cosplays I have done is between Becky Lynch and Sam Winchester. And I’ll tell you why. Both characters mean SO much to me, they mean the WORLD to me... Becky Lynch is becoming one of my all-time favorite female wrestlers, and that says a lot because she’s one of the current superstars on there now and what my ORIGINAL favorite and inspiration was (and still is) Trish Stratus but Becky is at the very top with her now for me, and she’s one of my main inspirations now. And I would say Sam Winchester, because he is my favorite character from Supernatural, and that’s my favorite show of all time. And growing up with an older brother, I am the younger sibling out of the two of us. I can relate to him in many different ways. He just means so much to me and I’m very proud of him.

J: What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a female cosplayer?

A: Well I do not have the skills (at least not right now) to craft or build my own cosplays. The only challenge I put myself through is finding the right size for my costumes cause I don’t make any of my cosplays. I find what I need either online, or in thrift stores or in whatever stores I come across. It’s a little stressful, the process of getting your cosplays together but it really does pay off once you see the finished product. I haven’t challenged myself too much though.

J: Do you have any advice or words of encouragement, you would give to someone who is just starting out or thinking about cosplaying?

A: My advice would be to have fun with it. You don’t wanna do anything if you weren’t having any fun. Don’t take it too seriously, but take it serious enough. Also too, I know if you wanna cosplay or try out a certain look, there’s tutorials out there on makeup looks for a character, or how to build certain costumes or how to use and craft your own costumes or props. It’s also not a bad thing to ask for help when you need it.

J: What accomplishment or project(costume) are you most proud of and why?

A: I say the one that I would be the most proud of was my Nightclub Harley Quinn cosplay. The look is really beautiful and amazing. I found the gold dress at Hot Topic, and the necklaces there too. The wig was from Etsy, and I really love it too. And the gold shoes I already had for it. I feel like that was the hardest I’ve worked for, for any cosplay I have done. I really am proud of how it turned out and the process behind me putting that cosplay together.

J: What is your favorite con and what con is your dream con that you hope to one day attend if you haven’t already?

A: Okay this one is hard. I guess I would have to say Fan Expo Canada, only because that is my “origin story con” and which holds the most memories for me. From the time that I was just a fan, and in awe of the cosplayers there, to becoming one myself. It feels like I’ve come full circle finally cosplaying at Fan Expo. But now I’m going to more and more cons I’ve never went to before. Definitely a dream con would be San Diego Comic Con. I’m also interested in checking out New York Comic Con and Ace Comic Con one day. One thing I haven’t accomplished yet as a cosplayer was check out a con in the States. But again, never say never.

J: Who are you favorite cosplayers, Or cosplayers that have been an inspiration to you and why?

A: The first one that comes to mind was Castle Cosplay. I actually first followed him on Instagram when I saw his Archie cosplay he did at Niagara Falls Comic Con. But what he inspired me for was when I saw his Dean Winchester cosplay. It really was that trigger that made me think about getting my Sam Winchester cosplay. Also another cosplayer that helped me decide too was Road Runner Cosplay. He did a shoot as Dean with Emma Jupiter Cosplay as Sammy. She did a female version of Sam, and my cosplay is the male version. But her cosplay of him gave me sort of an idea of what I needed to do and what to get for my Sammy. And that was the happiest I was in cosplaying, when I was looking for stuff for Sam. And my biggest inspiration too was Violet Love Cosplay for her many many different Catwoman cosplays. Still my dream cosplay...

J: Do you have any Cosplay pet peeves, If so what are they and why do they get under your skin?

A: Cosplay drama and toxicity in the community. And another big one is competition and jealousy. Everyone can cosplay whichever character they want, and I hate when people say (for example) “Oh this persons Catwoman is better than... so-and-so’s Catwoman.” Or they say “this one looks bad but this one looks better cause they did this...” cause everyone cosplays and makes each character their own. And I hate jealously and hate in the community. Why can’t we all just support each other?

J: How do you decide or choose a character, what is your process on starting a cosplay to finishing?

A: Every cosplay I have chosen either relates to me in some sort of way, or I’m a big fan of them. I mean, I could cosplay something if it looks good, but all of my cosplays have meant more than that to me. I cosplay who speak to my heart and truly mean the world to me. It’s easier for me to finish a cosplay when I’m dedicated to that person/character. If it was just something to be “popular” or to “look cool” that doesn’t click for me. And if I did that, I wouldn’t be as dedicated to finishing that cosplay cause it didn’t speak to my heart. But every cosplay I’ve done so far are meaningful. That’s my process on how I choose which characters I wanna do next.

Photo Taken by Hayden Grierson Accompanying Model Moonspell x Cosplay

J: What are your thoughts on paid and unpaid photo shoots? Do you prefer on location shoots or in a controlled studio?

A: I mean unpaid photo shoots are cool, but it depends on the quality factor. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with paying for photo shoots cause it is the photographer, you are getting a service, and you are taking up their time. And cameras are NOT cheap! And they pay for film, and photographers make a living out of that. Also too, the demand of how many people needs photos done. So yes. Photographers should get paid. I’ve always done shoots in a location, I’ve never done in studio. But I would love to someday. Both are amazing, and it depends which character you are cosplaying too. Some may need a specific location or outside background, and some require just to be indoors so it depends which cosplay you’re doing too.

J: There’s so much drama that surrounds the community. What are your thoughts, do you think it’s always been that way or is there more drama now with geek culture becoming so mainstream?

A: I have no idea what it was before because only started cosplaying in 2016 and haven’t heard and seen any drama until recently. But I don’t like it, and being apart of this community, you do hear of some of it and also become involved or apart of it in some way. It’s really unhealthy and a lot of it has gotten to me. Especially this year, in 2019. I know this year is ending but a lot of stuff has happened this year. I’ve lost friends in the cosplay community based on drama and it’s not fun. It’s been the root of my depression this year. But it’s good in those moments to take a much needed break for my mental health cause that matters the most. It’s good to step back from it all or take a social media break, for however long you need... But I don’t know if it’s gotten higher BECAUSE it’s so mainstream now but it’s definitely something that progresses, the cosplay drama does progress the more people get into cosplay and the more people added to the community, and the more these things can happen cause there’s drama everywhere. At work, in your everyday life. There’s bound to be some bad eggs in there somewhere. But I try to detach from those, and all you gotta do is just move on. It takes some time, but you will get there.

J: So what is next for you? Tell me your secrets.

A. Lol. What’s next for me? I would say MORE wrestling cosplays. I wanna possibly do a few group cosplays with my friends. Maybe try to think outside the box. You never know what life has in store for you. I will let the waves guide me there...

Photos below taken by Photo Taken by Hayden Grierson and Helafine Photography

Accompanying models Moonspell x Cosplay